America’s Cup 2013. San Francisco Bay.

Defender was Oracle Team USA. Challenger was Emirates Team New Zealand. Oracle team USA made a complete comeback, winning 8 consecutive races and won the AMERICA’S CUP 2013. Team USA’s victory marked one of the most improbable comeback in the history of sport. It was simply spectacular! It seemed like yesterday I heard Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill said in an interview: “One can be a rooster one day and feathers the next” referring to one win the day before and one bad loss the day after that prompted him to take his wild card to regroup. At the score of 1 to 8, he repeatedly said: “WE CAN WIN. WE BELIEVE WE CAN WIN”. He credited this to the hard work by the team to improve. It is such a great example to keep fighting and never give up! The sight on the water was simply spectacular! (The guy on the chase boat clapping his hands for his winning team is Larry Ellison, owner of the team).


Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

On Wed, I decided to take the day off to go out to the Marina Green to watch and photograph the Red Bull final. Got there in light traffic, found a perfect spot to park across the street from the St Francis Yacht Club. Found a spot on the rocks next to the club, and the first race started within 10 minutes. I took pictures at the starting line and the boats rounding Mark 2. After that, I thought I should go to the Marina Green for a better spot. Ran over there and found out that spot is not as good as the jetty. Ran back to the jetty just 10 minutes before the second start, I sighed a sigh of relief to make it back on time. The weather was perfect…the sky was blue and no fog… happy to have found a perfect location for some more interesting pictures. Then came the announcement that the second race was postponed! I looked around and saw this rambunctious group of girls. I called out to them: “Hey girls, who are you cheering for?”. “American Youth Sailing Force!”, they yelled and pointed at their tummies. “Great! Can I take some pictures of your beautiful tummies?”. They happily obliged. I posed them for the pictures and by then, there were quite a few people with cameras standing behind me to take the same pictures. But I bet no body had the pictures of the girls with their team in the background!


At the America’s Cup Park.

I was at the park last Sunday to watch and photograph the Louis Vuitton Cup final between Luna Rossa team Italy and Emirates team New Zealand. The consensus was that Emirates would beat Luna Rossa. I asked the little girl standing next to me who she would bet on. She said she bet on Emirates team NZ. I said something could happen on Emirates boat and Luna Rossa might win. So I bet on Luna Rossa team Italy. Well….Emirates was leading by 400 meters when it started having problem with the hydraulics system and the wing sail would not move. So team Italy leisurely sailed to the finish line winning the race!!! lol….


Donation to American Youth Sailing Force fundraiser at the Berkeley Yacht Club this Sat.

I am donating this image to help support Youth Sailing at a fundraising event at BYC this weekend. America’s Cup World Series. San Francisco Bay, ca 2012. Image size 14×21, mounted and matted with archival museum board to size 22×28, framed, numbered and signed.

Luna Rossa vs Artemis Racing, August 2013.

I was out on Paul Kamen’s Twilight Zone to watch and photograph the first semifinal between Luna Rossa team Italy and Artemis team Sweden last Tuesday. What a fun and exciting day!!! We got out there in good time so we also got to watch AC defender Oracle practice before the race. What an amazing sight! The Bay was buzzing with activities. Paul liked to test boundary so he got pulled over a couple of times by the patrol boats. But when they found out it was Paul Kamen, they let him go! At one point before the race, out of nowhere Luna Rossa charged forward from behind us, and before we knew it, Twilight Zone was in between Luna Rossa and its chase boat! It was unreal….we all held our breath and watched….and I just snapped away. Later I wished I had photographed TZ in between them. But, I was too busy trying to catch Luna Rossa. My credit goes to Paul, for deftly maneuvered TZ for me to get the best seat on the water so I could get the best pictures that I was able to. What a great day!

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America’s Cup World Series, August 2012.

It was great fun to watch and photographed the America’s Cup World Series races in the Bay last week. Great to see actions in the videos, but still to me, the beauty in the still images is unsurpassed. Through the camera, we can see the magnificent beauty of these state of the art catamarans. I was out in the Bay 3 out of 5 racing days and captured these images from the jetty along the racecourse. I moved from one location to another, and I must say it is great to be petite because I could squeeze and squat myself into some very tight spots and nobody complained (I am small, my camera is small and I use no tripods). One day, while the big races were going on, the little dinghies were having a race of their own. They looked so beautiful against the city backdrop. I was not out there on the day team USA Russell Coutts ran into the race committee boat at the starting line. And I was home watching the finals when Michael Johnson, the great American Olympic sprinter  who got a ride on team USA boat, fell into the water in the middle of the races.

There were 11 boats from 8 countries: USA, ITALY, KOREA, FRANCE, SWEDEN, NEW ZEALAND, UK, AND CHINA. The day started with 2 match races between two fastest boats, followed by 2 fleet races. It was a short race course, usually lasted about half an hour for each race. So small mistakes are expensive to pay. Tide, currents, wind are taken into consideration, at the same time watching for other boats and thinking of a maneuver to trick them and outdo them, etc….all the while working the boat every second….Sailboat racing is fun and great for the body and the mind. The days that I was out, it was cold and foggy. The days that I was in, it was nice and sunny…..Oh, well…..we can’t win them all…..but I love the fog, it is typical San Francisco weather in the Summer.

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