FORM AND ENERGY BY BRUCE JOHNSON: “Much of my work as a sculptor is about Form and Energy of being. I am moved by mass and scale. I love the energy and vitality of big chunks of wood and work to honor their spirit. From great gates to stacked markers, from the pyramids to the twin towers, there has been a primal impulse to connect earth and sky. I share this impulse. This bridge, like lightning, creates an energy flow. We ascend to the heavens and the cosmos brings life to earth. The stacking of markers and the standing of stones is part of this impulse to overcome gravity and to connect earth and sky.”

Bruce Johnson is a nationally and internationally renowned sculptor with large scale sculptures in Italy, Spain and Taiwan as well as in many private and public collections in the US. He has been working with salvaged old growth redwoods for 50 years. Johnson is also a master builder. Of special importance to him is his work on sacred buildings such as the Sea Ranch Chapel, the historic Chapel at Fort Ross, the Moon Gate at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and the Poetry House. Johnson’s solo exhibit at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden in Santa Rosa will be from June 2015 to June 2017.

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Below are a sample of images of his various public exhibits as well as images taken at his studio in Cazadero, California. (To advance the slideshow manually, hover over the image and click on the arrow).


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